The space may look familiar to some, located at 1749 N. Damen, Presidio is in the same space that previously was the home to The Bluebird but by no means are the two restaurants similar. You can't help but notice the amazing greenery outside the open windows greeting you as you walk in. The theme continues on the inside with gorgeous succulent plants (which happen to be a favorite) adoring the rest of the space. When they first opened a few months ago they only had a light dinner service but have recently added brunch to their repertoire, including Sunday brunch beginning at 10am.  Chef Shaun Connolly has really out done himself with the menu, and has created a burger that just rose to the top of our favorite burger list. Of course we had to have a few cocktails long with our meal, especially since Drumbar beverage director Alex Renshaw and Brian Sturgulewski from Fulton Market Kitchen hand their had in developing an invigorating drink menu. Patrick Cullen has really out done himself, can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeves. Take a look below at some of the items we had this weekend and at the gorgeous space.