One of the greatest things about a staycation is that you have the thrill of sleeping somewhere new, in a super cozy bed (hotel beds are the best beds) and you don't have to worry about the cost of plane tickets, rental cars, etc ... When we first started dating, it was winter and there was snow up to our eyeballs, we would hop online to find a room just for a night and would pretend we were on a little get away. 

To celebrate our anniversary, instead of packing up and heading to Mexico, we threw our stuff in an over night bag and made our way to the Raffaello Hotel downtown. We love the location of this hotel, it's by one of our favorite places in Chicago, The Museum of Contemporary Art, you can walk to a ton of restaurants, it houses one of our favorite bars, Drum Bar,  and you can eat donuts in bed. 

Check the pics below to have a peak at our stay and all Illinois Residents click HERE to book your room to get 15% off your stay, an upgrade to a deluxe suite and a voucher to Glazed and Infused or for a cocktail at Drumbar. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail at if you have any questions or want to invite us for a drink!