In collaboration with world renowned Chef and culinary TV star Masaharu Morimoto, Japonais is a Chicago essential in the art of blending Japanese cuisine with Western methods. Located along the riverfront, the decorum is absolutely breathtaking, providing the perfect backdrop for an unbelievable dining experience.  Along with the main dining area, they have an additional downstairs lounge/ patio section (The Blue Room), which nestled along the Chicago River, is the ideal place to enjoy one of their elaborate cocktails.  In addition to having not only one of the best Sushi Bars, but the largest selection of Japanese Whiskey in Chicago, the experienced staff does an incredible job of making sure that the customers are well informed in regards to their menu selections.  Without hesitation, Japonais continues to push the envelope in amazing directions that leads us to say that it was one of the best dinner moments we’ve experienced. Can’t wait to go back!