We like to do things a little differently and love experimenting and trying new things. So naturally when given the opportunity to try Natalie's fresh juices we knew we had to put the skills we learned awhile back during a class at Punchhouse, and make a boozy punch for the summer. We picked the Orange Beet juice, the color is AMAZING and it isn't as sweet as regular orange juice. So we present to you our own version of a Bourbon Slush Punch. The original recipe calls for a lot of sugar and to use juice concentrate, you also have to freeze it over night to get the right consistency but ain't no body got time for that plus we happen to have our own Hawaiian ice shaver so that helps. The ingredients listed below is how we tweaked it, feel free to tweak it any way you like but we do highly suggest using a good bourbon like the one we picked up from one of our favs  Chicago CH Distillery (located right in the West Loop) and fresh, natural juice like Natalie's.


2 cups unsweetened black tea
1.5 cups bourbon
1/4 cup granulated sugar
16oz Natalie's Orange Beet juice
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (of if you like your punch sweet Natalie's makes a great lemonade you can substitute)
Crushed Ice
Mint sprigs or lemon slices, for garnish

Mix together bourbon, tea, sugar, orange juice and lemon juice, place in the refrigerator until needed, if left in at least 30 minutes the sugar will dissolve and no need to worry about stirring it enough so you don't get the sugar granules at the bottom.

To serve: dust off your Hawaiian ice shaver, make enough to fill each glass about half way and pour in your punch! If you don't have an ice shaver at home,  add about 16 oz of ice into a blender, throw in the punch and blend until ice is slushy.